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How to treat sexual dysfunction

01 1 First of all, sexual dysfunction can be caused by the following diseases, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, prostatitis, these diseases have a serious impact on men's health. Men with sexual dysfunction have long-term overload of psychological stress, easy to cause work and life, etc.
02 2 Secondly, male sexual dysfunction also affects the harmonious life between husband and wife, prone to quarrels, snoring, etc., accidentally can also cause problems such as marriage breakdown. And sexual dysfunction is still the biggest harm to infertility, serious
03 3 Finally, patients can be treated in the following ways, such as: 1. Tracking imagination, imagine the joyful shot when the first love is successful, so that you can easily enter the role. 2. Physical and mental adjustment, to change bad
04 In addition to general treatment, prevention is the most important thing. In general, we must pay attention to reducing psychological stress, relaxing properly, avoiding bad habits such as smoking and drinking, regularly checking and eliminating urinary system diseases, and actively exercising and improving.