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Daily care after circumcision

01 1 After the operation is completed, male friends should pay special attention to rest. They should avoid excessive physical labor. The diet should be based on light and digestible food. Do not eat spicy, greasy and other irritating foods. Avoid smoking and drinking.
02 2 During the recovery process, you should go to the hospital regularly according to the doctor's request. Usually, you should not wet the gauze, wounds, etc. of the operation when urinating, to prevent wound infection. If there is a wound infection, it should be
03 3 In the process of rehabilitation, develop a good attitude, do not let your pussy receive external stimulation, usually wear more loose underwear, avoid watching some pornographic books, movies, etc., surgery should be avoided within one month
04 Prevention of infection and avoiding excitement are the most important aspects of surgical rehabilitation, so postoperative care should be strengthened in life.