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How to wash your face is good

01 1 You should wash your face with warm water first. The temperature of the face water should not be too high, and it should not be too low. The optimum temperature is 40 degrees. After washing with warm water, wash your face with cold water. Warm water will open the pores. The purpose of washing your face with cold water is to shrink.
02 2 When you wash your face, no matter how cleanser you use, you can't use too much. Before you apply it to your face, you need to use water to fully foam the palm. Otherwise, the cleanser will clog the pores and form skin problems.
03 3 After the foam is hit on the face, massage in a circular motion clockwise, the movement must be gentle, the time for the cleanser to stay on the face should not exceed one minute. After washing with water, gently press on the face with a moist towel to absorb moisture.
04 It is best to use flowing water to wash your face. It will be clean.