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How do you suddenly have a lot of rashes that are not painful?

01 1 Have allergic dermatitis, be careful not to wash your face with too hot water to avoid irritating the skin, but not to use soap. The alkali will aggravate the symptoms of allergic dermatitis. You can add the toilet water with hot water, or the leaves, bath
02 2 In the diet, pay attention to nutritional balance, you can eat more milk, freshwater fish, soy products and fresh vegetables and fruits to enhance skin resistance. Avoid eating salty water fish, shrimp, crab and other foods that are allergic to allergies.
03 3 People who are allergic to the body should be very cautious when using a certain cosmetic for the first time. The skin patch test should be done beforehand. If there is no reaction, it can be used, otherwise it can not be used.
04 4 Drink some honeysuckle tea or Xia Sangju, Niuhuang Jiedu Pills for detoxification.
05 The beggars are often washed and washed in the sun. Eat more detox tea or fruit. Exercise more, eat less spicy food, diet, and stay up late.