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Sexually cold patient considerations

01 1 middle-aged male sexual desire declines a lot because of heavy work pressure, the pressure on work will have a great impact on friends, affecting the sexual life between husband and wife, both husband and wife should understand each other and learn together
02 2 If you always let men take the initiative in sex life, or even think of new patterns, it is easy to lead to male fatigue or boredom, then it is very important to improve the environment of sexual life, and strive for warmth, comfort, tranquility and change.
03 3 In the diet, you need to pay attention to it. You can choose some aphrodisiac foods. The regulation of diet is also very useful for the decline of sexual desire. Amaranth, carrot, dog, lamb, finch, bird, river shrimp, shark, turtle,
04 So if symptoms appear, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to seek the help of a doctor, actively cooperate with the doctor's diagnosis and treatment, follow the doctor's advice is the best treatment.