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How to treat stubborn athlete's foot

01 1 First of all, pay attention to personal habits, wash socks and insoles frequently, you must have two pairs of shoes to facilitate drying, do not wear the kind of shoes that are not breathable, shoes should be loose, breathable.
02 2 Every night, use hot water to wash a package of light powder, soak your feet after cold temperature, heat the water when it is cold, soak for more than 20 minutes. Continue to soak for 3 days, after a few days, the skin will be off.
03 3 Finally, it is a diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables containing vitamin B, such as radish, eggplant, cabbage, melon, apple, pear, grape, etc. Try not to eat raw fish, raw shellfish, coffee, tea, and preserved food.
04 I got a foot gas to put the footbath and towel alone, pay attention to cross infection.