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What are the symptoms of dermatitis?

01 1 Symptom 1: The dermatitis is more common in adolescents and children. Often because the foreskin is too long, smegma does not pay attention to local hygiene, so that the accumulation of dirt inside the foreskin plus bacterial infection. The onset of the early stage is light, only the penis head and
02 2 Symptom 2: Foreskin is the most common glans foreskin disease. Patients have almost all phimosis or foreskin. Between the glans and the long foreskin, due to exfoliated epithelial cells, glandular secretion and smegma
03 3 Symptom 3: In the early onset of the disease, only the penis head and the foreskin inner plate are flushed with irritating sensation. In severe cases, pain and tenderness may occur. In the late foreskin, superficial ulcer may occur, with yellow or cheese-like secretion.