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How to treat vitiligo?

01 1 The most effective and quickest way to treat vitiligo is surgery. You can use surgical skin grafting to transplant normal healthy skin to the vitiligo area. After healing, the skin will grow well and the chance of recurrence is very low. You can choose to use it.
02 2 Some skin stimulating growth agents can also be used. This method is suitable for patients with small disease area. Applying the ointment to the affected area, stimulating the secretion of pigment, helping the cells to grow, can make the skin achieve normal effects.
03 3 vitamins are most beneficial to the body, also have a certain therapeutic effect on vitiligo, taking a lot of vitamin B, vitamin C, etc., are conducive to the recovery of vitiligo, but this method is relatively slow, it must be effective.
04 It is unwise for a friend with vitiligo to take care not to interrupt the medication for vitiligo treatment.