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Sexual procrastination prevention

01 1 It is necessary to strengthen physical exercise to vent their excessive hormones, to actively participate in cultural activities, not to watch pornography, pornography, etc., but also to make their emotions smooth, keep the spirit, keep the blood and smooth.
02 2 Taboos should not be used to supplement kidneys and impotence drugs or medicinal liquors, and do not eat spicy foods to avoid irritating organs. Usually, diet should be light, smoking and drinking less.
03 3 usually have a good sleep habit, do not wear too tight underwear, you can try to sleep with your wife, avoid causing sexual desire and then sexual life when you see your wife, leading to increased sexual desire, and then repeated sexual intercourse,
04 The housework should be moderate, not too much. It is a good thing for a man to have sexual function, but it is not good to switch to sexual sexual desire.