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How to distinguish between flat warts and age spots?

01 1 The senile plaque is a seborrheic keratinized, long-spotted place. It looks thicker than normal skin on the surface, and it is also irregular in shape. The age spots are mainly due to sun exposure and skin aging.
02 2 There are some relationship between senile plaque and heredity. It is also related to sun exposure, or chronic inflammation. It is more common in the elderly. The difference between flat and sputum is that the flat wart is usually the same color as the skin.
03 3 The color of the flat wart is mostly similar to the skin, but there are also cases of light brown, light yellow or grayish white, scattered and long and dense. Under normal circumstances, it will be slightly itchy, flat than the skin.
04 I suggest you go to the hospital for a check. Usually eat more foods rich in vitamin E, like cereals, beans, and foods rich in protein. I hope my reply can help you.