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What is the scalp acne?

01 1 causes acne in the human scalp, first of all due to imbalance of sebum secretion, and may also be caused by the use of dirty nails often scratched. Therefore, patients must pay attention to the health of the scalp, do not wash too much
02 2 In addition, during the onset of the disease, don't use nails to touch the scalp. As long as the condition is over, the state of the illness will be improved soon. In addition, the mood and work schedule will have some influence. If you are in a bad mood recently, you are tired and rest.
03 3 In the summer, the body's sweat secretion will increase, and the scalp is also one of the most important ways of perspiration. Therefore, during this period, patients are advised to drink plenty of water, pay attention to the cleanliness of the head, and gently rub it with hands.
04 It is recommended that patients can take more vitamin A intake in their daily diet. In addition, patients should be calm in their mentality and avoid excessive anxiety, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.