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Neurodermatitis, dead and upturned

01 1 Qingfei, neuropathic dermatitis, is a reaction of lung heat, so raise the lungs, remove the Philippine garbage, so usually pay attention to clear the lung heat, soil method, porridge with lotus leaf and glutinous rice, lotus leaf is cool
02 2 Neurodermatitis dermatitis Do not eat irritating foods, such as peppers, do not eat hair, such as seafood, will increase the incidence of dermatitis. Dermatitis inflammation, do not scratch with your hands, because there are bacteria on the hands, do not go under the sun
03 3 to regular work, people with neurodermatitis should relieve the burden of thought, life strives for regularity, the spirit should not be overly nervous, nervous tension will increase dermatitis.
04 1. Pay attention to clearing the lungs, don't eat spicy food, don't eat hair. 2. Keep your mood calm, don't give yourself too much pressure.