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How to quickly treat paronychia

01 1 Description Now that it has become infected and concentrated, usually pay more attention to disinfection, prevention of infection will be aggravated, you can first use iodophor to wipe disinfection, irritating small anti-inflammatory, disinfection effect can also be, pay attention to treatment during treatment, do not touch
02 2 It is also possible that it is a fungal infection. It is not effective. It requires no incision, buy disinfectant water, try to disinfect it first, then sterilize it, then wrap it in gauze. Don't touch it during this period.
03 3 acute paronychia, should also take effective treatment as soon as possible to prevent nail bed damage, you can also choose antibiotic treatment, if the symptoms do not improve in 48 hours, surgical treatment should be taken, usually pay more attention to the maintenance of toes,
04 It is recommended to wear shoes to choose the size, fat and comfortable shoes, don't let the shoes top to the thumb, don't cut the nails too short, and find that the toes are pressed against each other, you should use appropriate cotton or soft cotton.