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What is good for neurodermatitis?

01 1 Neurodermatitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in life. It is a kind of skin disease. The cause of this disease is also very complicated. Dietary stimulation, excessive mental stress, abnormal gastrointestinal digestive system, and exposure to allergens.
02 2 neurodermatitis should eat more foods rich in vitamins during the treatment, vegetables and fruits, oranges, apples, dragon fruit, bananas, orange juice, milk, eggs and other foods can eat more, also pay attention
03 3 Neurodermatitis This disease is easy to treat, but it is easy to relapse afterwards. Usually, preventive work should be done. Try not to touch allergic substances. When the seasons alternate, it is the high incidence of this disease. You can take anti-allergy.
04 Diet should be based on light, drink plenty of water to eat more fruits and vegetables, can not eat too much spicy and easy to get angry food, adhere to exercise to improve the body's immunity and disease resistance, pay attention to personal hygiene.