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Can vitiligo patients eat purple river car can play a therapeutic role?

01 1 The use of purple river car to treat vitiligo is not very effective, and the treatment of vitiligo must go to regular hospitals, do not blindly use some drugs or Chinese herbal medicines, etc., in order to avoid improper use, cause adverse reactions, and sometimes
02 2 If the long-term treatment has no effect, you can go to the big hospital for further examination and treatment. There are many methods for treating vitiligo, such as drug treatment, decolorization therapy and physical therapy, etc., for the lesions to be stable and no progress.
03 3 Vitiligo belongs to a chronic skin disease, and it takes a certain amount of time for treatment. In addition to medication on time, it can also be supplemented with vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin P, and it needs to be taken for a long time to play a good role.
04 Patients with vitiligo should stay in a humid environment and avoid strong sun exposure. This is particularly detrimental to the recovery of the disease. In addition, maintain a good mood.