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How to determine if it is psoriasis

01 1 It is recommended that patients go to a regular hospital to find a specialist symptomatic treatment. Because only through professional diagnosis can a good therapeutic effect be achieved, because only a regular hospital can ensure that our condition recovers quickly and effectively. We ourselves are also a
02 2 patients do not have any psychological burden, can maintain a stable mood to avoid. You have got psoriasis and do not have a feeling of inferiority. Psoriasis can achieve a complete cure through correct treatment. Therefore, stable mood can ensure our condition
03 3 Patients should pay attention not to scratch the affected area with the hand for the sake of the moment, because the affected area of ​​the skin is now in the pathological stage, very sensitive and weak. Once the skin is scratched by hand, it is easy to cause the affected area, bacterial infection.
04 Usually pay attention to personal cleanliness. Do not use too high bath water temperature. Do not use alkaline, soap and shower gel products during bathing, but be sure to wear loose and breathable cotton clothing after bathing.