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AIDS main preventive measures

01 1 Preventing AIDS requires us to pay attention to it in many ways. AIDS is mainly transmitted through the blood, semen, milk and urine of the virus carriers, so we must pay attention to cleanliness, self-love, not prostitution, sputum, etc.
02 2 In addition to pay attention to the safety of sexual behavior, to avoid premarital sex before marriage. Some blood transfusion supplies and blood products should be noted that it can not be used without authorization, must be used under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, drug abuse is strictly prohibited, and the syringe is not shared with others.
03 3 In addition, some personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, shaving knives, etc. should be preserved, cleaned, not borrowed or shared. The use of condoms in sexual life is the most effective measure to prevent AIDS.
04 In addition, it is important to vigorously fight against AIDS, fully understand the harm of AIDS, cut off its route of transmission, and avoid contact with patients' blood, semen, milk, etc.