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Why do men premature ejaculation

01 1 Premature ejaculation will suddenly interrupt sexual life. Some people are reluctant to use condoms after marriage, and use external ejaculation methods for contraception. This is very undesirable because boyfriends can't shoot sperm when they are on the fast shot.
02 2 Some young people have sex before marriage, because of the tension, excitement comes quickly, rushing ejaculation, if it is easy to premature ejaculation for a long time. After marriage, it is difficult to get rid of this habit of rushing ejaculation, forming habitual premature ejaculation, affecting husband and wife life.
03 3 Some men are afraid of their wives. They are inferior when they are having sex with their wives. They are afraid that they will not do it. They are too afraid of their wives and over-worship. If the husband is dissatisfied with his wife, he will vent as a sexual desire.
04 Don't ejaculate outside, don't rush to ejaculate, have confidence