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Does premature ejaculation require abstinence?

01 1 Male premature ejaculation problem needs to be treated systematically in the clinical, which is helpful for the overall promotion of male physiological function. In addition, abstinence can promote the recovery of male reproductive energy and prevent excessive indulgence causing loss and serious influence inside the kidney.
02 2 The emergence of male premature ejaculation disease is a common clinical response. Stressful factors can prevent male involuntary sexual impulses from the implementation of abstinence, but the body is often uncontrolled, affecting the time of male reproductive erection.
03 3 Premature ejaculation disease is very psychologically destructive for men and affects family harmony. Therefore, it is necessary to actively treat and treat premature ejaculation disease, prevent recurrence of premature ejaculation problems, affect male reproductive safety and basic male physiological functions.
04 The problem of premature ejaculation can achieve the purpose of recovery through appropriate abstinence. It is necessary to treat the disease scientifically. It cannot rely entirely on abstinence. If you do not go to sex, you think that the disease has recovered and it is easy to delay the illness.