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What is the cause of frequent vaginal bleeding?

01 1 First, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of the reproductive system and the urinary tract. We should best clean our genitals every day, wear clean underwear, change underwear, and we can also use Chinese medicine such as radix isatidis and plantain.
02 2 Second, because we are busy with normal work, work pressure is high, our body's resistance will be weakened, and if we don't care about drinking water, the result will lead to inflammation of the urethra and even urinary system.
03 3 Third, women's urethra has the characteristics of wide, short and straight, so it is easy to cause pathogens to erode, causing inflammation of the urinary tract and inflammation of the bladder. We can also go to the hospital for examination. When such inflammation occurs, we will
04 If there are symptoms such as frequent urination and vaginal bleeding, we should go to the hospital immediately, do not delay the time, and pay more attention to your living habits and eating habits, and adjust your body in many ways.