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How should patients with vitiligo eat?

01 1 The cause of vitiligo is generally caused by the lack of trace elements, so you can eat more foods containing more copper, zinc and other metal elements in the diet, which can increase the activity of tyrosinase and help the condition improve.
02 2 Eating iodine-containing foods is also good for the disease: because thyroid hormone secreted by vitiligo has a heat-producing effect, eating iodine-containing foods can reduce calories, such as seaweed, kelp, mussels, etc.
03 3 Eat more foods containing minerals, iron and calcium to help maintain a stable condition: these foods can withstand cold, especially in women who are afraid of cold. Iron supplementation is good for diseases such as pork liver, pork, soybeans, chicken blood.
04 4 Do not eat anything that contains vitamin C: for example, tomatoes, but fried tomatoes have no vitamin C, and patients can eat.