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How can men enhance their sexual ability?

01 1 First of all, do not discharge at a time when urinating, you can first exclude a part, then pause for five or six seconds, then urine, continue this urinary urinary action, you can have a small exercise sexual intercourse, effective prevention
02 2 Chinese medicine therapy, you can use the female scorpion drought grass, purple river car and yam each 10 grams, then add the right amount of hydrothermal fire for half an hour or so, divided into two bowls each morning and evening, see the effect after a week, this
03 3 You can also eat more aphrodisiac foods on the diet: for example, leek, lamb, beef, etc. If you have the conditions, you can eat some bullwhip, which can be aphrodisiac food.
04 There is also the usual time not to stay up late, to ensure adequate sleep is also the key to improving sexual ability.