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a bad habit that leads to male infertility

01 1 First of all, men who like to make soft sofas are prone to infertility. Soft sofas are seriously harmful to male scrotum belts. Try to avoid sitting on soft sofas or not sitting on soft sofas, so as to avoid infertility.
02 2 Then the exercise bike, because the seat of the bicycle is raised in front, the male scrotum is easily squeezed, affecting the circulation of blood, so that after a long time, it is easy to lead to infertility, or try not to ride an exercise bike.
03 3 Men who are involved in the welding industry, such as electric welding, can easily lead to infertility. Because in this industry, there is a great chance of contact with metal, and the body will contain a lot of metal substances, which leads to male infertility.
04 4 Finally, which cigarettes are liked, cigarettes are not only harmful to men, but also harmful to people who smoke second-hand smoke, but also affect the quality of sperm. Even if they can be fertilized successfully, there is a great chance of deformity, so try to
05 Pay attention to the eve of life, so as not to affect the body, causing infertility.