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How to treat patients with herpes zoster in the eye?

01 1 Herpes zoster occurs in many parts of the body. For example, the eyes, chest, torso and other parts of the limbs. Of course, regardless of the herpes zoster disease that occurs in that part, the pathological changes of the patient
02 2 Herpes zoster This disease, no matter where the lesion is located, the patient's treatment plan is still relatively similar. Take the eye. If the disease of herpes zoster occurs in the eye of the body,
03 3 patients with ocular herpes zoster can be applied by topical ointment. If there is no recovery or the effect is relatively small, it is recommended that the patient take some Chinese medicine orally. The harm of Chinese medicine to the human body is still relatively small.
04 Chinese medicine treatment may aggravate the burden on the patient. Because Chinese medicine is more difficult to eat, so many patients can not actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment. The recovery of the disease is relatively slow.