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Gonorrhea diet plan

01 1 Light diet to avoid heat, each meal is mainly porridge, noodles, stir-fried vegetarian dishes, stewed meat, must not eat chili or drink, even alcoholic beverages should be refused to eat.
02 2 The choice of vegetables is very important. Generally, melon and mung bean are selected. They can be stewed together or fried separately. They can be eaten every meal. These vegetables have the functions of heat, detoxification and diuresis to promote toxins from urine.
03 3 must also avoid taboos, quit and the habit of drinking tea and drinking, strong tea can temporarily excite the nerves, but can make the immunity to be inhibited to varying degrees, if drinking during the disease, not only will increase the symptoms of gonorrhea, but also affect
04 Gonorrhea diet is very important, it should take a period of persistence, not only can be effective for the rehabilitation of gonorrhea, but also beneficial to the body.