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Check how much gonorrhea

01 1 If you want to check if you have gonorrhea, you only need about 100 yuan. The doctor can check whether the disease is caused by the urethra smear. The patient with this disease is in life.
02 2 Gonorrhea This disease is highly contagious in life, so patients must avoid having bad sexual contact with others. During these times, patients need to pay attention to maintaining their own health habits and patients are living.
03 3 The last thing to say is the life of the patient. Pay more attention to your illness, let yourself relax, don't give yourself too much burden, let yourself treat it in time and eat some medicine properly to avoid uncleanness.
04 In the diet, patients should eat more fresh food, eat less spicy foods, ginger, green onions, mustard, do not eat, let yourself live better, hope that patients pay attention to these aspects, let themselves be more