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What tests do AIDS need to do?

01 1 If the patient may have AIDS, the most fearful check is to check the immune function, but this is mainly for moderately AIDS patients, the patient will have lymphocyte reduction in peripheral tissues. The most important thing is
02 2 Another patient can also check the pathogen. Patients with pathogens can be identified with some other malignant tumors. Generally, the most common method is to use PCr to detect. In addition, patients can also do antibody tests.
03 3 patients can use immunofluorescence or immunoblotting to detect the antibody content of the patient's serum. If the patient's blood is positive for HIV antibodies, it is possible that the patient has HIV. In addition, the patient's blood can be detected.
04 Because AIDS mainly affects the patient's immune function, if the patient is suspected of having AIDS, the most important check for autoimmune function is to check whether the patient's t lymphocytes have changed.