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What should I do with eczema on my hand?

01 1 is probably caused by the patient's exposure to some germs, or it may be due to the patient's low immunity, resulting in the patient's disease, transitional fatigue, bad mood, and insomnia are also the cause of the disease.
02 2 Note that after the skin has eczema, the patient's diet needs attention, and the seafood should not be eaten, causing the symptoms to worsen, pay attention not to drink alcohol, alcohol is also more irritating to the skin, pay attention to the patient's lifestyle changes, do not smoke
03 3 Dermatological diseases can be treated with drugs. Oral drugs and topical drugs can be carried out at the same time. After a course of treatment, you can go to the hospital for a follow-up visit. You can adjust the drugs appropriately. Patients should pay attention to actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment and wish health.
04 Eczema is mainly caused by high incidence in women. It may also be related to some estrogens. I hope that it can be treated in time. The patient's life and work can be carried out at the same time. I wish you health.