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Is the hand, foot and ankle related to blood and blood?

01 1 First of all, patients should understand that the hand, foot and ankle are what we usually call athlete's foot. This condition is caused by the infection of our genealogy by fungi, and if we do not pay attention to it in our daily life, it may be infected.
02 2 For the treatment of hand, foot and ankle, patients can go to the regular dermatology department for examination and diagnosis, and then carry out targeted treatment. This can cure their own symptoms as soon as possible. Generally, the treatment of hand, foot and ankle is mainly antifungal.
03 3 Patients should also do the nursing work of the affected department in their normal life, and develop good hygiene habits. In normal times, pay attention to keeping the feet clean and dry. Wash your shoes and socks frequently, shoes and socks.
04 Patients should not only pay more attention to their own hygiene, but also keep the diet light on the diet, eat spicy and greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, keep the stool smooth, and pay attention to rest to ensure sleep.