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What are the precautions for genital warts?

01 1 There is no fixed method for curing genital warts. The goal of treatment is to eliminate visible warts and reduce the risk of viral transmission. There are many different treatments, and doctors may suggest some methods, none of which is 100% effective. However, most
02 2 Imiquimod 3.75% cream works by improving your immune system to kill the virus. Once a day, up to 8 weeks. This drug may weaken the effectiveness of the condom, you should avoid sex.
03 3 Pudafilox 0.5% gel or solution, podophyllin resin, 15-25% solution. Trichloroacetic acid is also a useful drug. Liquid nitrogen is also used for frozen sputum. Surgical resection, which may need to be used locally
04 If there is no improvement after 3 treatments, or if the sputum is not effective after 6 cycles of treatment, the doctor will usually recommend a different medication. The common side effects of all treatments include skin allergies and redness.