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What to do if alopecia areata and hair is all gone

01 1 Alopecia areata is a sudden illness. Some alopecia areata will heal itself and some alopecia areata will not be. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the alopecia areata after the hair loss. If not treated, the condition will be aggravated.
02 2 Usually pay attention to diet, eat some light foods, do not eat things that are on fire, because the things that get angry may lead to the severity of alopecia areata. Usually drink some boiled water to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits.
03 3 Or drink some Chinese medicine for conditioning treatment. After washing your head, you can massage the scalp by hand. This can promote the circulation of blood and increase the growth of hair follicles. You can also use some to treat alopecia areata to smear. If the situation
04 patients should pay attention to rest and develop a good schedule. To go to bed early and get up early often add some exercise can improve the body's immunity. Pay attention to drink some Chinese medicine for conditioning treatment. Do not eat spicy food.