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Care measures for eczema on the living diet

01 1 Eczema This disease should not eat irritating food, do not eat pigmented foods and pigmented drinks, do not eat high-fat foods, eat light food, drink plenty of water, do not eat food, do not smoke and drink
02 2 patients with eczema this disease, regular sun quilt, exposure under the sun, go to bed early, do not stay up late, stay up late will make the skin bad, drink plenty of water, help the discharge of toxins, speed up metabolism, to
03 3 The cause of eczema is not very clear. The cause of eczema is very complicated. It may be related to environmental factors. The conditions of the climate, the stimulation of physical and chemical substances, some things will cause eczema, and some chronic diseases will cause
04 Eczema treatment of this disease, general treatment, to avoid all kinds of suspicious pathogenic factors, to avoid excessive laundering, to use anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-itch drugs, patients with infections should use antibiotics, to give more care to patients