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Non-gonococcal urethritis, urethral secretion is mucinous yellow, how to do

01 1 Non-gonococcal urethritis is a common urinary tract infection in life. It is caused by the infection of the urinary system. This disease is easy to treat, as long as it goes to a regular hospital or in the urinary system.
02 2 Non-gonococcal urethritis generally has a lot to do with the usual eating habits and personal habits, and some are caused by the frequency of sexual life is too frequent and not pay attention to sexual hygiene, this disease is easy to treat, but
03 3 It is best to go to a regular hospital to check clearly and then symptomatic treatment. Blind medication does not help the recovery of the disease. It is easy to aggravate the condition. After the symptoms disappear, it is best to take more medicine for a few days to consolidate the treatment effect.
04 During treatment, pay attention to rest, can not sit for a long time, eat light and drink plenty of water to eat fruits and vegetables, can not eat spicy food that is easy to get angry, can not smoke and drink, pay attention to the number of sexual life control and sexual intercourse.