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Sexual dysfunction has something to eat

01 1 In fact, the most important condition for sexual dysfunction should be psychological adjustment. Many men are depressed by their usual mood, dissatisfaction in their hearts. From the pressure of family and the various negative emotions brought about by the pressure of work.
02 2 For the treatment of sexual dysfunction, a lot of rain, part of it comes from the other half of it, for example, wife, lover. Because the harmony of sexual life is the foundation of two people's happiness, and many women are cold for sex life or
03 3 For patients with sexual dysfunction, many people choose to make up for normal supplements, special supplements, and usually eat a lot of supplements, which may cause imbalance of the body, but can not alleviate the symptoms, then people who have sexual dysfunction should eat more protein.
04 For patients with sexual dysfunction, in normal life, you should pay attention to maintain a happy mood. Do not have bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, or staying at night. Also, you should pay attention to yourself.