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Prevention and treatment of alopecia areata

01 1 Alopecia areata has no symptoms at the beginning of the disease, and is usually found by the patient inadvertently or by others. In the early stage of the disease, one or more hair loss zones with clear circular or elliptical plaques are usually present.
02 2 Chinese Medical Law Method 1
03 3 Prevention of alopecia areata When you have nothing to do with life, you can massage your head so that you can improve the blood circulation of your head and prevent the plaque. However, you must master the strength. If the strength of the massage head is too large, it will induce
04 Alopecia areata will make people feel more awkward in life and social, so I suggest that you take a look at the above experience and choose the method that suits you better and cooperate with the doctor's advice and treatment will achieve good results.