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How to do baby eczema?

01 1 First, the easiest way is to apply the externally applied drugs to the affected area. Most of the topical creams are hormone drugs. It is necessary to look for the best Chinese medicine preparations. Or use the bitter ginseng powder to make the purple skin garlic smashed into
02 2 Second, you can use the 1:10000 potassium permanganate solution to wet the baby's face, the proportion must be controlled, if the potassium permanganate used more will cause irritation of the baby's skin.
03 3 Third, we can also use the therapeutic method to treat. glutinous rice porridge, glutinous rice one or two, first porridge in the usual way, when the porridge will be cooked, take a fresh lotus leaf to wash, cover the porridge, and then cook for a while,