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How to judge whether there is vitiligo

01 1 Vitiligo can grow in any part of the body. At the beginning of the disease, it is a piece of bleeding, or a little white plaque, like the peeling of the skin. It starts with a pale white color. As the disease progresses, it gradually changes.
02 2 The white spot of the vitiligo is generally not painful or itchy, but if it is exposed to strong sunlight, there will be some tingling in the white spot, and the condition will develop rapidly. The white spot usually spreads, expands, or gradually grows elsewhere.
03 3 Vitiligo is mostly elliptical or round in the early shape. When expanded, it also expands in a circular shape. The boundary is relatively clear. The white spot forms a sharp contrast with other normal colors around the skin. There are obvious boundary lines.
04 According to these typical symptoms of vitiligo, we can make a simple judgment on the abnormal white spots appearing in our body. It is suspected that vitiligo should be diagnosed as soon as possible, and timely medication can control and alleviate the condition.