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Can prostate enlargement be pregnant?

01 1 Patients with enlarged prostate will not affect pregnancy, and will not affect the vitality of their sperm. This is the normal life of men. If you do not get a stable treatment for a long time, it will easily lead to impotence and premature ejaculation.
02 2 Patients with enlarged prostate must go out often these days, because sitting for a long time is not conducive to the circulation of blood. Sometimes patients will aggravate their symptoms. In life, they should pay attention to work and rest.
03 3 Some drugs in the life of patients with prostatic hypertrophy will weaken the contractility of their urinary muscles. In life, they will make themselves urinary. If they are unable to take these drugs in their lives, they should drink plenty of water to avoid them.
04 Patients with enlarged prostate are prone to constipation symptoms in their lives, so they can't eat some spicy foods during these periods, and they can't oppress the prostate in life.