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Can vitiligo patients sunbathe?

01 1 The early symptoms of vitiligo are particularly inconspicuous. There is no significant difference in gender. It is likely to occur in every age group, but the age at which it is most prone to occur is still prevalent in adolescents. Early symptoms may occur as skin lesions.
02 2 Vitiligo This disease may occur if it is aggravated, and the hair in the white spot becomes white. His lesions occur in areas exposed to sunlight and friction, but in addition to skin damage, the lips, labia, glans and foreskin are inside.
03 3 Therefore, it is very important to treat this vitiligo disease in time. Because timely treatment is still very important. However, there are still many ways to treat this kind of vitiligo disease in the hospital. The general preferred treatment method is surgery. Of course, the effect is still
04 Vitiligo, of course, needs to be well prevented after surgical treatment. It is also necessary to go to the hospital for regular review. Vitiligo also needs to pay attention to it. For example, eating habits still need to be changed. Do not deliberately bask in the sun.