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How does the wife help her husband treat impotence?

01 1 The wife should support her husband psychologically, give him enough encouragement, and let him rebuild his self-confidence. Also, take care of the diet. It is best to do some food that can improve the problem, at the doctor's suggestion.
02 2 When he needs it, don't engage in sex. You can hold his lower body with your hand and then use prostitution to help him improve the problem. When he has the urge to ejaculate, you stop.
03 3 Or if you don't have psychological barriers, you can use your mouth. This kind of stimulation is bigger, and it can make a good change in the husband's impotence. So, in this case, if he also has the desire to shoot.
04 Yangshuo is a man's business, it is also a woman's business, so when this happens, it is best to cooperate with treatment.