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How to treat severe seborrheic dermatitis?

01 1 Fungi are hair products, which will make allergies more serious. Eating seafood will also aggravate allergic symptoms. Friends of dermatitis should stay away from hair products. Pay attention to minimize the scratching of the affected area, avoid scrubbing with soap, hot water and wash the affected area.
02 2 Sometimes the sun exposure will make the skin worse, it is best to bring a hat to prevent the sun from exposing the sun to protect the affected area, do a good job of heat preservation, usually avoid spicy food, beef and mutton.
03 3 The best way to change the clothes for patients is to let them go alone. Don't mix them with other people. Patients should always pay attention to exercise and strengthen their own immunity through exercise. The most important thing to pay attention to is the lightness of the diet.
04, once patients with dermatitis suffer from epidermitis, personal hygiene must be strengthened in daily life, bathing, washing clothes, especially in summer, the body is prone to sweating, once the clothes are stained with sweat, it must be replaced in time.