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Can herpes zoster use hormones?

01 1 Patients should go to a professional hospital in time to be a correct diagnosis. After diagnosis, they can use the medicine according to the condition to ensure the effect of treatment. The medication should be treated according to the requirements of the regular doctor. Under normal circumstances, it will be completely cured and will not stay.
02 2 Treatment of herpes zoster is generally based on antiviral drugs. Some patients suffer from pain, which seriously affects work and life. Some patients may not even fall asleep. At this time, they should take some painkillers, but they must
03 3 Patients should also pay attention to personal hygiene during treatment, keep the wound dry and clean, wear cotton soft fabric to prevent pain and infection caused by broken wounds. Eat light food, less oil and salt, eat more vitamins
04 In addition to actively coping with the doctor's treatment, daily care is also very important. In the diet, especially in diet, the wrong diet will aggravate the patient's condition and affect the treatment effect.