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What are the drugs that can completely cure neurodermatitis?

01 1 Local damage of neurodermatitis can be rubbed with corticosteroid cream or ointment. For skin mossy, it can also be used for topical steroid cream. In addition, local skin lesions can also be used for X-ray shallow irradiation, laser irradiation, etc.
02 2 Chinese medicine treatment can also use Chinese medicine fumigation therapy to treat neurodermatitis. The method is to let the dermatitis patients in the Chinese medicine fumigation chamber to carry out steam therapy. The traditional Chinese medicine ingredients become gasified, comprehensive contact with the skin, allowing the pores to absorb. In the autologous cells
03 3 patients should also pay attention to removing predisposing factors, try to relieve the burden of thought, maintain a regular life, avoid mental stress and fatigue. In the diet, alcohol and spicy food should be banned. In addition, the skin should be avoided.
04 Pay attention to the release of ideological pressure, maintain your mental health, pay attention to some habits in daily life, and maintain adequate sleep. Do not eat too much irritating food, food should be light and peaceful, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.