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How to treat alopecia areata?

01 1 The cause of alopecia areata Even the doctor can not give a clear answer. Only know that there is a true and false alopecia areata. The true alopecia areata is temporary and will grow out after a while. If it is false, it is hair loss.
02 2 Alopecia areata is divided into 2 parts. Some people are usually stressed because of work, stress is too tight, regular mental sputum is too tight, too tired, lack of nutrition, protein caused; another part is caused by family allergic inheritance
03 3 Alopecia areata patients, to improve their diet, lifestyle, exercise, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eclipse, need to quit smoking, stop spicy food, keep a good attitude, do not let
04 If it is true local alopecia areata, you need to adjust your life status, follow the doctor's instructions, it is easy to improve.