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How to treat eczema in Chinese medicine

01 1 Chinese medicine treatment of eczema can be taken by internal medicine, mainly to choose some Chinese medicine, such as the soil we are often familiar with or white peony, plus Danshen, Angelica, Atractylodes, Poria, wind, and tangerine peel. Put these drugs directly
02 2 When treating eczema, we can also choose the method of external rubbing. Then the method of extrapolation mainly chooses rosin, clear powder, plus dried sputum, saponin, and directly develops these medicinal drugs into powder form.
03 3 In the treatment of eczema in Zhouyi can also be directly through some dietary methods to regulate, for example, we can eat red beans often, we can directly add red beans and glutinous rice directly boiled and cooked, you can add
04 What we said above is some methods for treating eczema. Then there is a direct relationship between eczema and our living habits in Chinese medicine. Therefore, we should pay attention to maintaining a good mood in life, not overwork, nor often.