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Symptoms of balanitis

01 1 erythema. On the glans and foreskin, erythema appeared, slightly in the early stage, gradually enlarged in the later stage, and severe ulceration occurred.
02 2 redness and swelling. At first, the glans will be red and swollen, and itchy. There are white secretions in the foreskin, which have odor. If you rub slightly, you will feel pain.
03 3 blister smashed. The erythema above the glans has evolved into a blisters, and there is erosion.
04 4 herpes. Herpes appears in the glans and foreskin, the edges are clear, if it is serious, there will be liquid outflow.
05 Do a good job of glans and foreskin sanitation, you can effectively avoid balanitis. However, if the above symptoms occur, I hope that men go to the hospital in time.