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Men are infertile and get rid of bad habits

01 1 Tights: Men should not wear tight underwear. This will cause the sperm temperature to be too high. The temperature will be limited. The temperature in the abdominal cavity will be too high, resulting in dysfunction of the sperm, leading to infertility. If the fabric of the underwear is breathable
02 2Contact electromagnetic radiation: In daily life, large household appliances with electromagnetic radiation can be seen everywhere, such as TVs, induction cookers, microwave ovens, even office computers, male chromosomes are relatively fragile. Easy to cause changes in the immune system, followed by male germ cells and
03 3 Drinking hot drinks: First of all, tea, especially Kung Fu tea, is really not suitable for men to drink for a long time. It is easy to make the prostate excited and promote the active blood vessels of the prostate. Secondly, coffee, because coffee also contains ingredients that excite the prostate, which is easy to cause prostate swelling.