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What is the relationship between prostate and non-leaching urethritis?

01 1 non-leaching urethritis usually has symptoms such as difficulty in urinating. It can be treated with some therapeutic methods. The melon has a good diuretic effect. If the barley is dilute with water, so drink some winter melon.
02 2 Non-gonococcal urethritis caused by chlamydia and mycoplasma, so it can usually be treated with some antibiotics. If it is more serious, doctors usually take a combination of drugs, usually with 3 to 4 antibiotics.
03 3 Non-leaching urethritis is mainly spread through sexual life, so in order to prevent the best husband and wife, there is no sexual life during the treatment, the patient's clothes and towels are best disinfected, the sun under the sun
04 non-leaching urethritis in the diet must pay attention to eat more high-protein foods irritating foods do not eat, do not smoke and drink, smoking and drinking is more irritating, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of patients,