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What should I do if I have urinary stones?

01 1 First of all, my husband's stones at that time were not very big, there were two, and then drink more water every day, more urination, as long as nothing happened, my husband would hold the cup to drink water, which later played a key factor.
02 2 Then I jumped every day. I bought a skipping rope for my husband. He skipped the rope three times a day, one hundred at a time, and made a daily movement, which is also a key factor in rejecting stones.
03 3 Finally, don't eat foods containing more calcium, like milk, don't use them, and spinach, my husband often eats, after three or four days of hard work, the stones are discharged, and my husband feels a pain when he urinates and then sees
04 Everyone can take this method for some small urinary stones. For the big ones, it is necessary to listen to the doctor's words for gravel treatment, so as not to delay the disease.