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Wet phlegm can completely cure it, how long does it usually lurk?

01 1 Condyloma acuminata is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is easy to diagnose a general condition, but it must be difficult to cure. Because this disease is easy to recur, it will take a long time to be completely cured. Men are often in the foreskin.
02 2 Now there is no special antiviral drug in our country. If you want to treat genital warts more quickly, the treatment must be treated with comprehensive treatment. The combination of Chinese and Western medicine is the best. In addition, antiviral treatment is also needed.
03 3 Condyloma acuminata is usually transmitted through sexual transmission. A small number of people may be exposed to the disease of the patient. It is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is recommended that you arrange treatment at a regular hospital as soon as possible to avoid missing the best time.
04 Usually wear cotton underwear, must be personal hygiene, daily necessities should pay attention to disinfection, pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy food. Regular exercise, improve body immunity, this is also helpful for the disease.